Zumspot Firmware Needs Upgraded to v1.4.7

Hi All
Just wanted to let everyone know that there  is a firmware release for your zumspot.

The firmware must be upgraded in root on your ssh console in pi-star.

Go to configuration tab

Click on expert

Click on ssh console

Log in with your pi-star info



and press enter to put the pi in read/write mode. Type:

sudo pistar-zumspotflash rpi   

and press enter.

Click yes on prompt

Your firmware will upgrade to the latest version.

Reboot after upgrade.

Go to the pi-star update tab and update pi-star.

That’s all there is to it.
When you look at your dashboard under the frequency, the firmware should be 1.4.7.

If you have  a jumbospot this update will not work…The update information can be found here:https://jumbospot17.blogspot.com/2018/01/how-to-upgrade-fw.html

Rick n9umj

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    1. Forget this, I figured it out, had to stop the mmdvmhost, then kill it to be able to flash the new firmware.
      The commands I used were in this order….
      sudo service mmdvmhost stop
      sudo pkill MMDVMHost
      sudo pistar-zumspotflash rpi

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