Another Major Update for PiStar

Be sure to update your pi-star. There was a major update affecting OLED displays, YS, NXDN, and DMR gateways and several other internal and binary changes.

I don’t see any changes in ports at this point, I’ll look in the xxxxHosts.txt files to make sure though.

I saw some chatter a couple of weeks ago  where Andy had been working on some updates and house cleaning of defunct reflectors and hosts, It might be a good idea to update every morning for the next few days to make sure the updates are current and prevent conflicts in your pi-star version.

Rick N9UMJ

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  1. December 17,2018
    Pi-star and MMDVM Hotspot updates are available
    Hi All

    It’s been a busy update week for MMDVM, A new firmware update for HOTSPOTS ONLY .[THIS UPDATE IS NOT FOR REPEATERS] has been released to to coordinate with the pi-star updates made earlier this week.

    Release notes:

    Update MMDVM modem protocol for latest MMDVMHost
    Update some NXDN and POCSAG LEDs pinouts

    If you are using PI-STAR log in to your ssh console

    [type] rpi-rw [Enter]

    # choose the type of hotspot your using and enter manually or copy and paste from the list below. If you have already updated your pi-star software you can find your tcxo type on your dashboard under your firmware version in the center left side of the dashboard in the status box.

    sudo pistar-zumspotflash rpi: ZUMspot RPi board
    sudo pistar-zumspotflash rpi_duplex: ZUMSpot duplex board conected to GPIO
    sudo pistar-zumspotflash usb: ZUMspot USB dongle
    sudo pistar-zumspotflash libre: ZUMspot Libre Kit or generic MMDVM_HS board with USB
    sudo pistar-mmdvmhshatflash hs_hat: MMDVM_HS_Hat board (14.7456MHz TCXO)
    sudo pistar-mmdvmhshatflash hs_dual_hat: HS_DUAL_HAT board (14.7456MHz TCXO)
    sudo pistar-mmdvmhshatflash hs_hat-12mhz: MMDVM_HS_Hat board (12.288MHz TCXO)
    sudo pistar-mmdvmhshatflash hs_dual_hat-12mhz: HS_DUAL_HAT board (12.288MHz TCXO)
    sudo pistar-nanohsflash nano_hs: Nano hotSPOT board
    sudo pistar-nanodvflash pi: NanoDV NPi board
    sudo pistar-nanodvflash usb: NanoDV USB board

    If you need to install from linux or mac os

    instructions are at the following links

    Rick n9umj

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