Website Now Sun Powered!

This weekend a group of folks gathered to bring the solar project online at Buddha, where the website is hosted. Along with the website, amateur radio gear, internet service for the town of Buddha, and some other things are now Read more

Website Returns!

After a period of time that seems like forever the website is back up and running. It seems there were issues with the hard drive. After multiple issues with using a hard drive we’ve returned to using an SD card. Read more

Don’t Forget about the Forums!

Don’t forget that we now have forums integrated into the website system. This replaced the Yahoo! forums when the new website went live (no more Yahoo! ads!!). We’ve put up several forums for conversations but are open to anything users Read more

Internet Live Feed Back Up!

We’ve been able to rebuild the Raspberry Pi we are using for the live feed and got the account set back up on Radio Reference and Broadcastify. There is a little more information over in the forums. You can find Read more