Be it a Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Arduino or any of the other micro-computers that have come on the market over the last few years they’ve take the tech and project world by storm.

Originally build to get kids in to programming they’ve found there way into numerous other areas. Here’s a list of some of the things our group has put them into task to do:

Pi in the Sky

The Pi in the Sky project takes a Raspberry Pi, straps amateur radios, sensors, a camera, and a GPS on it and sends it soring into near space under a weather balloon. The package live streams telemetry data (temperature, battery voltage, etc.), location, altitude, and pictures back to ground stations as it makes its way to over 100,000 feet and back down. You can learn more about our ballooning adventures over on our Ballooning page.

 Website Server

The website you are looking at right now is using a Raspberry Pi to host the site. Installing WordPress on a Raspberry Pi (along with a few other things) make it fairly easy to have your own website. As long as the traffic visiting your website isn’t too much you could even host it at your house and save the money you’d pay a hosting service.

Audio Feed for Broadcastify

The W9WIN audio is feed to the Broadcastify site using a RaspberryPi.

Data Logger for Off-Grid Power System

This is a yet to be developed application that will monitor NA9VY’s off grid power system, log the data, display information on a screen, and send SMS messages and alerts to his phone using the APRS system. All of the needed systems are out there doing different things. The task will be to put them together and make them work.

Media Center

Don’t want to spend big bucks for an off the shelf media center? Raspberry Pi can help

Network File Server