Digital Repeaters

The K9IU MMDVM unit being tested.

Our digital repeaters are similar to analog repeaters in that they are on a specific frequency and have an offset. However, the programming done in your radio is different and is different depending on the mode your radio operates on. You may want to check our references page or an internet support group for your radio to learn more if you’re not sure how this works.

You can access our repeaters two ways. If you are local to the area you can use a digital radio using any of the modes listed below. You will need to program your radio with the specific information listed. If you have a hotspot you can set your hotspot up to access the Southern Indiana Network (SIN) using the settings below. You’ll use a radio to access your hotspot that is linked to the SIN.

Repeater access with a Radio

Our digital repeaters are listed below. Review the table for local, frequency, modes supported, and other information. Then reference the list of modes below the table for specific mode settings.

NameFreqDigital Modes
Lawrence County
IU Campus

Digital Modes and configuration settings (set in your radio’s programing):

  • YSF Fusion (C4FM) – Reflector YSF97912
  • NXDN – Ran 1, Reflector 31188
  • DMR – Color code 1, TG 31188, Cluster 311858
  • P25 – NAC 923, Reflector 10232
  • WiresX – Room 43586

Repeater access with a Pi-Star (mmdvm), Rfshark, or Openspot

Pi-Star (mmdvm), Rfshark, and Openspot users can connect to the system using the following settings:

  • YSF – YSF US SIN_Southern -Indiana_Link
  • NXDN – 31188 41400
  • DMR – DMR master 3108 TG 31188
  • P25 – 31188  41000
  • WiresX – FCS WiresX room 43586