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28/10/2017 3:59 am  

Well, the website is back up. We and an issue where the database on the webserver wasn't starting at boot up. In addition to that the backup hard drive wouldn't boot the Pi. I ended up putting the SD card I used to build the site back in the Pi and restoring the last back up and going from their. We'll be running off the SD card for the time being and until we can get the hard drive issues worked out.

I'm also making some general updates to the website. I've added a "slider" option on the main page that will cycle through three featured pages withing the site. As I dial other pages in I'll cycle through different pages as different events and happenings come along.

I'm also going to dial in the forums a bit. I just put out lots of topic area to get things started but there doesn't seem to be interest in what's there so we'll dial it back and see.