W9WIN Digital: How to connect /Updates  


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07/05/2018 2:59 pm  

The 443.050 Repeater antenna has been repaired and serves most of Monroe County and is Linked to The Southern Indiana Network (SIN)

The 147.345 Repeater is also linked to the SIN network but is still awaiting duplexers before going full power, The coverage area at this time is Bedford.

The YSF to DMR transcoding and reflector are operational at this time and NXDN and Dstar and Analog to Digital Reflector builds are in the works.

Hotspots can connect to the system via mmdvm. Pi-star, rf shark and Fusion Wires x By connecting to the SIN_Southern Indiana Link  YSF Host tab.

We are also linked to DMR on Talk Group 31181 .

You can visit the ysf Reflector Dashboard at