Digital Repeater Network Progress  


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12/03/2018 2:30 pm  

Two Yaesu DR1X Repeaters are up and running at this time with MMDVM Pi allowing Multiple mode operations on the same repeater.

Modes in use at this time are DMR, Fusion (C4FM), Dstar,and NXDN..P25 is available , but at this time there are no P25 requests and that feature is off.

For NXDN use Ran1

For DMR use color code 1

Fusion open at this time

Dstar N9UMJ C and G or WB9TLH B

The system can also be accessed through various Hotspots . Zumspot, MMDVM H_S , OpenSpot and DV4mini..DO NOT USE CHINESE BOARDS CALLED JUMBOSPOT OR ANY SOUND ALIKE NAME THAT ARE ON EBAY AND OTHER SITES .

They are unsupportrd and a waste of money.





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