Balloon Launch Sunday 9/3

Launch Update: Sunday September 3, 2017 Between 9 and 10 am EST , We will be launching a 1000g latex balloon that will be recovered. It will be equipped with a pi on the sky, running aprs on 144.390 and RTTY on uhf with live pictures being transmitted back to BNSP, a go pro camera will on the flight and if it arrives in time a pico tracker on 20 meters wspr along with solar power testing equipment .

So far we have one chase team, but others are welcome to participate,. Please let me know if you wish to be part of the chase teams.

Arm chair participants can follow the progress at and The tracker ssid will be NA9VY-12. A pico tracker may also be launched Sunday If the y arrive in time it’s ssid will be n9umj-3 and n9umj-5.

BNSP followers are welcome to attend, participate or just watch from home.
Camping sites are available for overnighters.

If you plan or participate in the launch, Saturday night arrival or arrival by 8 am Sunday to get briefed on duties and chase channels.

Chase team communications will be on the w9win linked repeater system go to for a frequency near you can also monitor on any radio scanner app. Click on Indiana feeds and look for the w9win linked repeater system feed.

The Zello app channels will also be used , Be sure to join the Farm Channel to get authorization to use the channel and get the password.

Hope the weather forecast holds together for Sunday, Rain from Hurricane Harvey will be entering the area Friday and Saturday and hopefully moved east on Sunday as predicted.

Leave a post with any questions.

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